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GOOGLE launched KORMO JOBS in India to help people find ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS.

This is BIG NEWS as India sees a rise in unemployment even in the organized sector and white-collar jobs.

Google had earlier made this available as Jobs Spot in Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.

It’s being rebranded as KORMO JOBS and an exclusive app has been launched in India for the same.

Google says a number of companies, including Zomato and Dunzo have posted MORE THAN 2 MILLION VERIFIED JOBS on the platform.

Isn’t that a good thing for all the people looking for entry-level roles?

Don’t fall for the posts that tell you that freshers are asked for experience when they try to apply!☠️

It’s just an engagement tactic🤷

There are separate jobs for freshers.

Look in the right places and you’ll find the right things.

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