Change in Bowling Style for Cricket

Coming to this Covid-19 Outbreak one more threat which we will be facing is in Cricket is cricketers using their sweat or saliva for rubbing the ball to get seam.

Reverse in-swing and Normal out swing are two swings that bowlers aim to attain. They try to keep the ball rough from one side and shining from others to let the ball swing.

To attain bowlers use their saliva or sweat using their saliva and ball and ball passes on to other players while fielding thus having the risk of Covid-19 spread.

To overcome famous company Kookaburra has developed a wax applicator to shine cricket balls. This could change bowling in cricket.

While some cricketers like Shane Warne have proposed a weighted ball concept to help bowlers.

The current change in cricket could be a major turnaround also the stadium capacity could be reduced with 33% attendance.

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