How to Make the best use of your USB FLASH DRIVE?

We have always been using our USB FLASH DRIVE for storage. But do you know they’re still better ways to make effective use of it

Here is the list below where you can make the best use of USB FLASH DRIVE other than just file storage.

Use it as a bootable device

Many Operating System gives an option of installing them through the removable bootable device and USB FLASH DRIVE is one of them. Easy to carry, faster than CD/DVD, and efficient in the long run.

Use it to run Dropbox or Google drive on other computers

How about you are on a trip and working on other systems and don’t like their browser version or all your files are uploaded over google drive and you have no internet. Here is where the USB FLASH DRIVE comes into play with help of a portable app suite or use. Google Drive portable can be used via SyncDocs.

Windows/Linux on the Go

Not many know Windows 8 Enterprise edition and many versions of Linux supported on the go installation in USB FLASH DRIVE. Helpful for many employees on frequent traveling so that they could work in a familiar environment from any computer.

Use it to create a rescue drive

USB FLASH DRIVE can be your ultimate savior also. Many antivirus Softwares provide an option to make a rescue disk on USB FLASH DRIVE with all data backup for saving a PC that’s non-functional and infected with malware.

Install a full feature App Suite

Your USB FLASH DRIVE can support some full-featured App suites. These suites of tools can help you run just about any software right from that small piece of hardware. They are a collection of portable versions of popular tools, organized impressively. The most popular among these is PortableApps. Another good one is the WinPenPack.

Ready Boost Feature

Last but not least is the ready boost feature. This is one of the most important and interesting uses of your USB FLASH DRIVE. In any case, if your system slows down or you are using a very old version system this can help you in speeding up your PC by storing Cache File. Take a look at the demo here to know how you can make your USB FLASH DRIVE ready boost.

Anyway, that is all from me. If you require any help comment down below and let me know.

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