New Education Policy (2020)

New Education Policy (2020) is an idea to revamp Indian Education after almost 34 Years.

I still remember my days during 8th grade our NCERT books had the starting page of Preamble of India, Gandhijis’s Talisman and a foreword by the Director of NCERT with the education policy of 1986.

I always used to think although studying n 2004 and still we are following a curriculum designed in 1986 (only with minor changes done in 1992)

With not much practical hands-on even in engineering degree, I was stressed upon only scoring more in graduation and get a job.

India has always shown less Interest in education. Only around 3% of GDP was spent on Education. The only reason for this was a large expenditure being spent on the Defence budget due to the bad intentions of our two neighboring countries.

How excited were we on the landing of Rafales in India, Chinook and Apache helicopters coming to India. Although they are also important requirements for our country.

Can we show the same excitement for the government for taking a bold step in the education field also?

Now with an option of credits system in graduation and programming as an option can we also expect some Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg from India?

What are your views?

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