Storytelling an Art form

“Friends, the history of stories is as ancient as the human civilization itself. ‘Where there is a soul, there is a story’. Stories express and bring to the fore, the creative and sensitive facets of human beings.”

The importance of storytelling can’t be stressed further when it comes to the leader of a nation.

These were the words from the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly series to connect with fellow citizens #mannkibaat.

Storytelling has been relevant since our old ancestors. Our grandparents used to tell us stories that used to be very enriching and we used to hear them with lots of interest.

Storytelling is itself is an art which keeps you bind with the storyteller. The story could be of his own personal experience or some mythological events, or it could be some self-made to keep the listener engaged.

As today we celebrate Shaheed Bhagat Singh Birth Anniversary we need to focus more stories from our first revolution in 1857 to our Independence 1947 as suggested by PM.

We again need to revive this art and make it’s legacy further

What do you think about storytelling?

Please comment below your thoughts.

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