2030 – [RENDEZVOUS]A college passion turned into a multi-million startup

The Rendezvous is a series of short articles that focus on the moment when an entrepreneur hit upon their winning idea. Today, we look at Chandigarh-based e-magazine startup Evault, which focuses on giving information about the latest trends and various aspect of Digital Marketing

Coming from TechManagement background Vaibhav always had a keen interest in Digital Marketing.

Since his college days having a keen interest in digital marketing has been following his passion. He used to organize seminars, quizzes and helped his friends to stay updated with all the trends in digital marketing.

His passion leads to start his own startup of e-magazine ‘’eVault’’ in 2012 which after collaborating with his 3 friends they planned to launch a magazine in digital copy.

The concept Idea was new initially unstructured but they planned to continue with their idea and also got their first Interview with college Alumni.

From College to Professional

Vaibhav says his after graduating and friends getting apart their startup idea was only limited till Post Graduation days but the desire to grow more and grow knowledge about DM[Digital Marketing ] was still there and he wanted to continue with DM

The Turning Point

According to Vaibhav turning point came in 2020 when he had enrolled for the Deepak Kanakraju Internship program. The Internship program helped Vaibhav to give rebirth to his startup of e-magazine ‘’eVault’’.

Vaibhav started with a digital version of the magazine and promoted through social media channels. Being a new concept their Idea gain popularity and a hit among youths.

Vaibhav Says “Being always on social media college students were our Initial target clients and we never disappointed them”

eVault always help in providing quality content with the latest trends, quizzes, upcoming trends in DM, Internship courses, and many more.

eVault has a subscription price of $49 for one month and $499 for one year and already they have 1 Million+ subscribers.

Overcoming the challenges

eVault rebirth journey was not smooth, and Vaibhav faced a set of challenges: hiring the right resources, aligning employees with its vision, working more than 16 hours a day, time management, and delegating critical tasks to team members.

“With a strict reporting structure in place, we are able to identify issues that arise before they become a problem. Following an agile model helps us to stay on top of all important tasks and lets us delegate work,” Vaibhav says.

The e-magazine the startup has now grown to a team of 250 employees.

Bootstrapped to date, the company is now looking for external investment.

Future Plans

Going ahead, the team plans to expand its offerings across the globe.

“We will expand to Tier II and III towns colleges and schools in India and abroad, and benefit many professionals. In the future, we will focus on providing an outstanding experience and helping students and professionals fulfill their objective. ,” Vaibhav says.

eVault plans to get 10 million subscribers by 2027.

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