My MBA Journey -Symbiosis

I was told to leave the classroom on my very first day of MBA…


Before the course could start in June we had to undergo a pre-induction course by the university for two months. Various other symbiosis institutes had some courses planned for students to their campus

They had received a pre-induction material for engineering background students to cope up with some management knowledge and vice a versa for commerce and art background students.

But as we had no such information from the institute there was some misunderstanding between us and our director on Social media (Facebook).

This led to some postings by me and made our director furious and a statement came for me on the very first day.

But when we joined the course, the first two weeks were unforgettable for life.

The workshops, seminars, and hands-on experience we received from industry experts were beyond imagination.

We had a music group and never to forget 3 days management leadership trip to Tamini Ghat.

It was overall an enthralling journey of 2 years.

Below is a video for my 2 years Journey at Symbiosis.


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