Don’t buy anything today (Black Friday) It’s good for you

You might not have expected a mail like this from me.

You probably thought I am just another marketer – asking you to buy something today.

Everyone out there is trying to sell something to you in the name of a BF deal. But let me tell you what I really think of them.

They are not BF deals. They are just BS deals.

For them, you are not a real human. You are just a name and email ID in a database.

Sellers every year use these days to justify lowering the prices of their products and they say they are giving you a great deal.

But remember. No one is doing it for you.

They are doing it for themselves.

They are just trying to squeeze out the email list for some more revenue.

Tools, courses, templates, workshops, training programs – everything is on sale today. Everyone is trying to get you to spend. Emails left, right, and centre.

I know it is overwhelming for you. And I have a solution.

Just keep out of it.

Most of the things you buy today will just collect dust on the digital shelves of your hard drive.

You will not use it. You will regret it. You will feel bad about it.

I have made this mistake before.

Just because something is on sale I end up buying it and then I realize that I don’t really need it.

The things I really need are the ones that I will be buying any time of the year – and I will not hesitate to spend on it.

I don’t want you to go down the same path.

You might think you are saving money on a deal – but you are actually spending money in the name of saving.

Money not spent is money saved.

That’s money truly earned.

I want trust, not transactions. Transactions can 
wait. II am not trying to do the same thing that other’s are doing because for me the relationship with my email list is more important than how much I can make today.

I could have easily made 5-10 lakhs today by making offers of my tools and products. But I am choosing not to. I am thinking about what’s best for you, not for me.


Stay away from all the courses and tools that are going on sale today.

How many times have you used the courses that you bought?

It is a known fact that courses have only a 5% completion rate.

(That’s why my focus has shifted away from courses to assignment based learning).

The tools that you buy on deals today – you will never get an ROI on it. Because if it was a tool that is amazing, you wouldn’t wait until this day to buy it.

It is hard to resist the temptation to buy when something is on sale. But resist it anyway.

No one ever has thanked me for a BF deal.

But you will thank me for not giving you a BF deal.

Watch TV.

There is a new episode of The Mandalorian releasing on Disney+. Or watch the India vs Australia match.

But don’t buy anything.

Remember, these are just BS deals.

They are waiting for you to take out that credit card and enter it on their website. Don’t do it. Resist. It’s ok. It’s not going anywhere.

After all this madness is over, you will feel better, not with the things you have bought, but with the money that is still there safely in your account.

That’s my deal for you today.

Don’t buy anything from me, or anyone else.

And remember, the best products and training programs in the world never go on a sale. Because the demand for it always high and it would be a great deal through out the year. Not just today.

Take a pledge to earn more so that you can buy anytime and don’t have to wait for things to go on a sale.

Have a great weekend.

Credits : Deepak Kanakaraju

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